International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

24-29 July 2022 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2022 (SCES 2022), Amsterdam, The Netherlands - is one of the larger conferences in the field of condensed matter physics worldwide. It brings together scientists working on various aspects of correlated electron systems, and reports on a wide range of novel materials and quantum phenomena. 

Call for late and breaking poster abstracts
Abstracts for late and breaking results can now be submitted. These will be considered for poster presentation. Only in case of exceptional results the abstract will be considered for an oral presentation. The submission deadline is June 1. >>

Previous conferences

SCES22 has a long tradition with previous conferences:

Garuja (2021) Santa Fe (2010) Nagano (1999)
Okayama (2019) Buzios (2008) Paris (1998)
Prague (2017) Houston (2007) Zurich (1996)
Hangzhou (2016) Vienna (2005) Goa (1995)
Grenoble (2014) Karlsruhe (2004) Amsterdam (1994)
Tokyo (2013) Krakow (2002) San Diego (1993)
Cambridge (2011) Ann Arbor (2001) Sendai  (1992)

Special symposium

Every three years SCES is organised as a special symposium in the International Conference on Magnetism: San Francisco (2018), Barcelona (2015), Busan (2012), Karlsruhe (2009), Kyoto (2006), Rome (2003), Recife (2000) and Cairns (1997).